Thursday, November 21, 2013

over the hill and through the woods...

To Grandmother's house we go!

After a horrendous flight (I hate you United) that spanned the majority of two days Clara and I are getting a good dose of California air. It feels good I tell ya.

Don't you just love Thanksgiving? I do, and as much of an obsession as I have with Christmas- it really kind of bugs me that Costco puts out their Christmas merch before HALLOWEEN. I need my pumpkin pie season you guys. I need it!

Anyway, Steve touches down tonight and I can't wait to run my fingers through that curly head of hair of his. Hope that isn't too steamy for you ;) sorry mom. The holidays just can't be the holidays without my man.

I hope you all are looking forward to your holidays as well!


  1. ADORABLE outfit! Glad you're home for Thanksgiving. :) And that last post? I think you're totally living in the moment.

  2. So glad you get to be home! And I love that picture of Clara crawling towards you. Say hi to your family for me!

  3. That little girl has some precious clothes. :)

  4. California looks soooo nice, flowers in late November? And gorgeous scenery! Awesome. Clara's yellow pants - I need that!

  5. oh my gosh, she is so deliciously cute!!!! have so much fun!!!

  6. i just can't get over how cute your baby is! to die for!


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