Monday, November 18, 2013


I met Diane the first month we moved to Boston. We both had huge bellies and were due within a few days of each other. Soon enough we had cute little chubby cheeked girls with loads of brunette hair born within a week of each other. Our twin babies! It seemed only fitting that Paige and Clara should have a joint first birthday party! So with the help of some ginormous balloons, an obscene amount of fringe and a little leftover chalkboard paint-- we threw our girls a fabulous party! We packed in a crazy amount of friends into our tiny apartment and had a ball. I somehow managed to not take any pictures of our apartment chalk full of people- which is really a shame because it was kind of impressive- but I guess that just tells you how much fun we were having! Thanks friends for coming and celebrating with us! Happy first birthday baby girl!

^^this photo doesn't include the whole dinner spread we had out...but you know.^^

^^a group effort^^


  1. Oooh, so cute! The giant balloons, her crown! Way to celebrate, mama. You deserve it too. Surviving that first year of motherhood is no joke.

  2. That, is a party to remember! Clara's headgear is the best. Oh, that cake looks so yummy, what kind is it?

  3. look how long and pretty your hair has gotten! adore these last few posts...



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