Friday, November 08, 2013

The Unsung Hero.

This blog has become sort of a shrine to Clara. and you know, I'm not going to apologize about it. She's stinkin' cute and pretty much my whole day is consumed with caring for her. The natural course of this lifestyle blog just swings right in her direction. but I do want to take a hot second on this Friday afternoon to toot the horn of the unsung hero of our little life and really this blog (I'd like to think I let him know I appreciate him in person...just not as much on the world wide web).

So here's a little thank you to the guy who wakes up before we stir and sometimes doesn't come back before we're asleep. Who works so hard so that we can live our life and get mom her sweet potato fry fix every weekend (that's only kind of an embellishment). To the guy who has learned to just put his arm around his hormonal wife and scratch her back when she's crying for no good reason. Who comes home every night he can and gives his baby girl a bath and rocks her down to sleep with a lullaby. Who is the kind of dad who makes Clara and Watson's day when he walks in the door at night. We love you, we miss you when you're gone, we thank our lucky stars for you every day. You're my number 1.

P.S. you're supa sexy

love, your wife.

Happy Friday.

photo is from 2.5 ish years ago when we were living in UT


  1. This is very sweet! And the ability to understand that a hormonal woman just needs a hug is definitely something to never take for granted. Those men are pure gold. :)

  2. too sweet! Yes, our men definitely don't get the praise the often deserve on this here interwebs


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