Sunday, December 29, 2013

Another Seattle Anniversary

Our 4th anniversary started at a cute little french cafe for two orders of oeufs en meurette and diet cokes too please. my favorite. Next came Jerusalem in IMAX which was only 45 minutes, but terribly romantic.... brought us back to our lover's roots. you know. Then it was checking into our hotel, sushi (the same we had two years ago because it was just THAT good), ANOTHER movie and some strolling around under the twinkly lights. We topped ourselves off with eggs benedict in bed the next morning. The day pretty much spewed Steve+Jess perfection. Movies? Good food? Room with a view? My boo??? It really couldn't get any better. Thanks to Steve for his super secret planning skills and Grandma Marcum for watching the jelly bean.

Happy 4 years my love.

We pulled out of Steve's parent's driveway without my dslr, I realized my mistake after a block or so but upon realizing I felt kind of liberated and decided not to turn back for the precious. Please excuse my iphone photos :)


  1. Photo booth? Could you be any cuter? Happy 4 years & cheers to many more!

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  3. Happy Anniversary! Seattle is a great place to visit but I may be a little biased ;) (And sorry if like 10 messages popped up about me trying to comment. Apparently I don't know how to leave comments on blogs. Clearly, I don't do it often.)

  4. This got to be the dreamiest anniversary date ever! Love the view from the room and you guys smile! Yes, Seattle is one of the most beautiful city to visit in my opinion.


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