Thursday, December 05, 2013

December the 2nd..

I went to bed on December 1st fully expecting to have a fabulous birthday upon the morning, I find these things to be just as much a matter of will power as anything. I had cute outfits picked out for me and the bean and we had an AGENDA. Steve was out of town- left earlier in the evening- I had known this for some time. It had to happen, the business trip, but he had birthday festivities planned for Friday instead and it was up to me and Clara to take care of THE day. the birthday that is. I have learned that it is just depressing not to celebrate on your actual birthday. It's a must. So Clara blessed me with a 10:30 am wake up call- we ate breakfast lounged around until after the morning nap then set to our shopping! Birthdays and shopping should always go hand in hand, should they not? First, we stopped for bagels and a diet coke. All special days must start with this, you know.  In between calls and texts from my favorite people and lovely renditions of "Happy Birthday", we finished the portion of our Christmas shopping that can only be done when Dad's out of town...made a couple birthday purchases for ourselves, took in the holiday cheeriness of it all and arrived home just in time for the afternoon nap. I made Watson snuggle with me while I read HP7 on the couch, naturally. Then, to top off a truly enjoyable birthday, that evening Clara and I snuggled to some popcorn, marshmallows and a viewing of White Christmas via the computer screen (TV is out of order). It was nothing super spectacular, but it was a really really good day. That girl of mine, she's something special.

Happy Birthday to me!

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