Thursday, December 12, 2013


If you were to be living in the Marcum household right now, you would know to book it to the stairs if you heard any giggling, squeals of delight or other sounds of general glee. Because there you would find a rather cute little 13 month old with an over confidence in her sense of balance and absolutely no healthy fear of heights. Yes, she's learned to crawl the stairs. Unfortunately, she has also already out-smarted the baby gates we have... so until we get new ones I am constantly on my toes during all waking hours! No checking email for me. This girl is either booking it to the stairs, the toilet (yummy) or Watson's food dishes- all of which incur undesirable outcomes. What is so fascinating about dog food I will never know, but we can't leave it outside anymore because Watson's mortal enemy, the neighborhood squirrel (I've dubbed him "Scrampy"), loves to snipe it when Watson's inside and there is only so much indignity a corgi can bear. Plus, it's so frigid lately his bowl of water freezes through if left out too long... so here we are. Watson's habit of hiding individual kibbles in random places around the house was pretty amusing until my toddler started finding them before I did. Do you know what that stuff's made of? I try not to think about it. I haven't actually witnessed her eating one but deep down in the nether regions of my soul I know she has most likely ingested one without my knowledge at some point or another. Anyway, I digress. This is what our days look like lately. I love 'em. The jelly bean is more work than she's ever been but with more work comes more fun. I swear I laugh out loud at her at least five times a day. I love being a mom.


  1. Haha I remember those days. So funny! I'm just really impressed that your house isn't littered with toys all the time, you must be a cleaning machine! :-)

  2. Yesterday I caught Shepherd chewing on something, after I had just given the dog a treat...I chose to believe he found a Trader Joes cookie we had been eating earlier ;)

  3. Not that you want her eating dog food, but most dog food is safe for human consumption and actually is often tested more than human food is... plus I ate dog food when I was little (like 5 or 6yo) and I think I turned out okay ;)

  4. That cheeky little smile when turned around is just about the cutest!! Baby crazy already :)
    xo TJ


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