Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Thanksgiving... a little late.

Guys, I've been totally sluffing on this blog lately! I've felt a sort of rebelious thrill with it all, but now I'm back and refreshed and I have to say it was kind of nice not to whip my camera out hardly at all for 10 days! 

Sooooo I know I'm a little late but before we get into the Christmas festivities (on the blog at least)....Thanksgiving!!!!

We spent Thanksgiving up at the Veater Ranch this year. I think Clara was in heaven! She had so much fun with her Grandparents, aunts, uncles and the multiple relations she got to play with. Aren't families the best? Truth be told, I felt like I hardly saw her! Mommy who? My sister Tay got her out of bed pretty much every morning, as soon as she made a peep-- aunty Tay to the rescue. She also received a stuffed dog that is seriously larger than me and a stuffed horse twice Watson's size. Spoiled much? Grandpa Veater- you know what you're doing.

Overall it was a great holiday and the 65 degree California weather wasn't too shabby either. We even spent our first night away from Clara, which was crazy but good. I did surprisingly well, at the first mention of the possibility I had a mini anxiety attack but once we were out there, we had a blast. It's a good thing, Mom and Dad alone time, you know.

and now my yearly grateful list. If you get through the whole thing...here, have a bon bon.


I'm grateful for...

my Grandma's sausage stuffing

pumpkin everything

the little jelly bean who rocks my world

her dad, the best decision I ever made

family, and good relationships

animals, especially the rascal of a corgi I call my own

America, you can go doom and gloom on me about all the wrong in this place, but I'm still grateful to call it home.

Harry Potter- the books I've read through at least five times that still make me cry

Christmas trees- nothing beats the smell of fresh pine in your living room

white chocolate pepermint M&Ms. I can't even.

my college girlfriends. You know who you are hashtag: byuseven4life


fairytales, imagination and dreams.


I hope you and yours had a fabulous holiday.

also, the majority of these pics (pretty much all the good ones) were taken by my babe of a sister Taylor. So props to her for being awesome.

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