Friday, January 24, 2014

a letter to my 14 month old princess

Yesterday it was really fun being your mom. Every day I love being your mom. But, let's be honest, with teething and tantrums and missed naps and strong opinions and blow outs...some days are more fun than others. Yesterday, was really fun. You were so sweet to me. I was holding you up on the windowsill at one point for you to look at the horses, you turned around, laid your head on mine, gave me a kiss and patted my hair for a good 30 seconds. I melted. You are the
 You are at such a fun age right now, I'm eating it up. You are SUCH a ham. You can point to your nose (and sometimes pick it) when I ask you where it is, you freak out when you see any animals- the bigger the better. You love brushing your teeth on your own- it happens several times a day. You love the wind in your face, you say ducky with and emphasis on the "eeee", you love banging on the window at the horses in the barn. You give the cheesiest smiles and it just kills me with all those teeth on top and only two on bottom. You get the craziest bed head in the mornings. Any time a phone is left unattended you pick it up, put it by your ear and start jabbering. You've also somehow learned how to talk to Siri which is beyond me, considering I've never used her and you're not technically allowed to even play with my phone. Sometimes you get so excited when you're crawling that you put your head down and turn it onto turbo gear. It's hilarious. Even better is when you turn around and pose to make sure everyone is witnessing your cuteness.
I love you baby girl.


  1. That first picture says it all! I L.O.V.E it.

  2. You make me so excited to be a mom and have a daughter! You truly inspire me, Jess! I hope all goes well for you guys in California!


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