Friday, January 03, 2014

The last of them.

Also of note, Kenz got all the cousins the cutest little t-shirts from Italy for Christmas. It more than warranted a photo. We also took family photos, had an adult's night out in Seattle and Steve's life-long dream of a blind coke vs pepsi products drinking contest. Which, by the way in all my fountain snobbiness I totally failed and Justin completely owned up on! Geez I totally hit the jack pot in the in-law department. Can I just say that? Love you Marcums!! I can't wait for the next big get together :)

^^The 3 babies and their mommas! I love these people.^^

^^epic coke vs pepsi products tasting test^^

^^we got to see our dear friend Molly! Clara was in love.^^

^^botox faces^^

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