Thursday, January 09, 2014

the things I'll look back with fond memories on

Steve and I have this funny inside joke about the word "miss". I tend to use the word liberally, read: "I miss you!" "I miss Jerusalem" "I miss the beach". Steve hardly ever uses it. In his mind, "miss" means I'd rather be/be doing something else than I am right now. Whereas I take it to mean- I look back with fond memories on that place or person or thing, etc. Therefore, I've taken to replace "miss" in my vocabulary with what I really mean (winky face).

So with that overly wordy introduction (I must be procrastinating packing), I bring you the things about Boston I'll look back with fond memories on..tee hee

The huge tree outside our apartment. It is epic in the spring and fall.

Concord and all that comes with it! Downtown, Orchard House, Emerson House...

Walden Pond. It deserves it's own line

Strolls around Beacon Hill

Our Weekend trips, adventuring around New England (Vermont, Maine, NH, Cape Cod, RI)

The green, humid summers 

Giving tours on the freedom trail

taking the T in to see Steve for lunch

Our favorite park in Lincoln

The picturesque New England beaches

Wilson Farms

Brick sidewalks

Downtown Lexington

Royal India Bistro

*Sigh*. you've been good to us Boston. Even if your winters are crazy and last over half the year. Thanks for the memories.


  1. Awww, I'll look back with fond memories on it in your behalf. Such a charming place to live!

  2. Hi Jess, What area are you moving to in California? We're in Menlo Park. :)


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