Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Week at the Beach

Last weekend/this week we've been at my parent's beach house with family! It's been a blast. Coming from Boston...I can't believe that I can be comfortably lay out in a t shirt, with a book, on the beach, in February. It's pretty incredible. 
My mother and sister in laws were here until Weds. photographing Brittney's new swim line for her company Eden Pier! It was a blast- I love all these women! We had way too much fun and had a hard time taking each other too seriously....good times. #swimsuitmodels Also, I'm obsessed with all these suits. I'm going to have to practice some serious self control to not buy one in every style this summer. Sorry Steve, it's your sister's fault.
Steve and I are still here with the Veater's enjoying falling asleep listening to the waves and playing with Clara and Watson in the sand. I love you California.
Happy President's week.


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