Tuesday, February 25, 2014

and.....she walks!!

So on Sunday Clara walked all the way across the living room on her own. Monday she walked from her bedroom to the living room unassisted. Not on her own volition, I'll grant you, but unassisted, so we're just going to make this thing official. 

She walks!! 

And queue applause and standing ovations if you would.

Clara took her first steps over Christmas. She was taking about five steps on her own by the end of our holiday. but as soon as we got back to Boston she declared she had no interest in walking anymore (in essence) and progress pretty much halted on that front. I suspect she saw her cousins walking over the break and once they weren't around she quickly lost interest. She's funny, my girl. She won't do anything unless she wants to. She is not to be coerced. I love that about her. Anyway, to be honest, I didn't mind that she wasn't walking yet- it made my world a little easier, and I'm all about milking babyhood and childhood for all it's worth. I'd like my kids to stay little as long as they can, or in some cases, as long as they will. But being a parent, you know, it's funny sometimes. I found myself often faced with the "oh, she's 15 months? is she walking yet?" question and felt the need to explain why she wasn't. Excuses, if you will. "her feet are too tiny to hold up that big belly! It's physiologically impossible!" laughs** "She'll walk around everywhere holding the tip of your finger- she just doesn't want to do it on her own!" and etc. All of which were basically true, but none of which I had to say.  Why do I feel like I need to excuse my daughter because your daughter walked at 11 months? Both are beautiful healthy girls. Babies are just different, heck everybody is different. It's not a race to get to the finish line. Why do I feel like I need to explain why she isn't walking? I don't know.  I guess it mostly comes down to confidence and really owning yourself and your decisions and who you are. Oh dear, this is getting deep all the sudden. All this is to say, I want my girl to be confident. I want her to own her even if she walks at 16 months and all her friends are walking at 12 months. You know. So if I'm going to raise a girl like that...I need to be like that. 

Clara, I love you. you head strong, talkative, curly-haired little comedian of a jelly bean. You keep doing things on your own schedule. I'll love you for it. 

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Yay for Clara! Don't worry Penelope is still not walking. I have had the exact same thoughts as you :)

  2. oh my gosh......... this makes me sad that i'm missing out on so much more cuteness. DANGGGIT!! She's just so darn precious!

  3. i found myself making exactly the same excuses for ava. and i hated that i made them because i love that she does things when she is ready.

    and clara you are one clever little girl :)

    1. I know! It's almost like word vomit! I hated it. I want to be better!

  4. So cute! And may I just say, California looks GREAT on you.


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