Monday, February 24, 2014

first pig tails and our last day at the beach.

not gonna lie, the beach was pretty dreamy. Our last day was spent strolling around Capitola, a chocolate pie from Grandpa at Gayle's and soaking in our last sunset on the Monterey Bay. It's hard to say who enjoyed the week more, Watson or Clara. Once Clara hit the sand she pretty much ran all the way to the water. I couldn't believe how much she loved that frigid pacific surf. So cute. And you can just imagine Watson's expression when he hit the sand. Corgi heaven. There is nothing funnier than watching this shorty diving into the waves after a stick. It's a swimming corgi! and etc etc. Hilarious. Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us enjoy your beach house with you! You're really selling us on this whole California bit.


  1. I showed that beach photo to my husband and he thought it was Bournemouth where we live. He literally couldn't believe it was California!

    1. Central California has the prettiest beaches in CA in my opinion :)


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