Tuesday, February 11, 2014

moments not to be forgotten

We put up bookshelves in Clara's room. she's obsessed with books- and really has quite the collection already, it seemed like the right thing to do. Since they've been up she's been doing this thing where she reaches for me to pick her up so she can pick out her own books from the shelf. Independent little cuss that she is. Love her. Anyway, yesterday she went on with the same routine but instead of picking one right away she brushed her tiny little fingers carefully back and forth along the whole row, pausing now and then at a certain book, moving on to another, then maybe back again. I shed a few tears just watching her do it. it was so terribly sweet. Moms, you know. She picked a few books and we read them together. I'd read it through with her head resting back on my chest, then she'd sit up, take the book and "read" it again herself. It was one of those moments I don't want to forget. I love this little girl of mine.


  1. I can't wait to see you guys this weekend! AHHHHHH I'm dying.

  2. ava loves books too and i am so thankful because i think there is something so special about the time we spend reading books together.


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