Thursday, March 27, 2014

17 months (almost), a love letter.

at 17 months we carry our bunny everywhere and ask mom to read us books all day long. By books we mean mostly Wheels on the Bus and Moo Baa La La La because they're our favorite. Sometimes we just grab mom's hand in the grocery store and put it on our cheek because I guess there is just something so deliciously comfortable about that. We give "nice pats" to Mom and Dad's hair and hands and occasionally to Watson too, if he's off his guard. Our hair is long enough to fit into the cutest little pig tails known to man and our dimples have not yet abandoned our knees... thanks to the many prayers of a chub-obsessed mother. We love to walk around the house and explore every unlocked cabinet and cupboard, but our favorite is to go outside and feel the wind on our face and play in the dirt. Of course. We jibber jabber through whole car rides occasionally saying "MOM" real loud to make sure she's still aware of the cuteness happening in the back seat. We dance with our shoulders and our feet and love to be the center of attention.

17 months, we reeeaaallly like you. 

^^I had to include this blurry photo of the ever elusive dimple. Hashtag priorities.^^


  1. I started reading your blog when you were about 7 months pregnant with her, it's been so sweet to see her grow up with each new post! She is adorable and makes me want to have 15 babies right now! :)

  2. That picture where she's standing up and looking down, holding on to her bunny.... so cute.


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