Wednesday, March 12, 2014

An Afternoon Ride.

Oh hey, yes, we're babysitting a ranch this week. Which means that Clara and I get to take rides with Auntie Brookie and Watson has become a bonafide ranch dog. We use that term loosely. Obviously (read that with your best Sherlock Holmes accent). Clara is obsessed with horses, and also her aunt, so this whole situation has worked out nicely for her. The only time she got fussy on the ride was when she wanted to ride with Brooke instead of her Mom. I'm pretty much invisible when she's around, I'll take it. In all honesty that was a big pull to moving back here, so Clara could have good relationships with her extended family. Every time we pick Brooke up from school, Clara starts busting up laughing the second she sees Brooke walking towards us through the car window. I'm just feeling really really grateful for it all right now. Kumbaya and all of that. Well, Happy Wednesday. Mom and Dad, any time you want to go to Monaco is quite alright with us!


  1. So I remember Brooke when she was about Clara's size. :-) I'm jealous of your time on the ranch!! Wish I was there too...

  2. It's been way to long since I have seen Veater Ranch or the good ole Coarsegold/Oakhurst mountains.I am jealous you guys are back there! You look great, and that Clara is so cute and getting so big!


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