Monday, March 24, 2014

Beachy Weekend

If I had to choose only two things to say about this weekend...which I do because I fear that Clara is currently throwing all of her breakfast on the floor in the other room right now...#reallife
I would tell you first that if you ever find yourself in Aptos, CA you need to make your way to Aptos St BBQ and order the tri tip sandwich. It's heaven sprinkled with pixie dust. literally the stuff dreams are made of.
I would tell you second that it's painfully obvious in the photos below that I haven't owned a hairbrush for over a year. Yikes!

Happy Monday!


  1. Girl are you guys living in Nor Cal now?!? We'll be in Morgan Hill in April once my hubby graduates from BYU!!! I'm excited to try this BBQ place out!

  2. Hi Jessica!

    Where in CA are you guys living now? We are in San Jose and visit Aptos/Santa Cruz all the time! So fun!

    1. Paige!!! We actually live in Fresno but my parents have a beach house in Aptos so we mosey on over there fairly often! We'll have to meet up!

  3. Um, the denim-on-denim combo is really working out well for baby girl. Good work mama.

  4. I'm so impressed about the hairbrush thing. I thought I was bad, brushing my hair like once a week! This makes me want to cut my hair...

    Also, you guys are the cutest.


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