Thursday, March 13, 2014

on being delicious.

I love when it gets warm enough for Clara to go sleeveless. She is just that much more edible sleeveless, don't you think? Sometimes I look at her and am reminded of how small a person she is. Like when I look at these photos, gosh, she's teeny. I don't know why, maybe it's because I'm with her all day and we "talk" and play and she's such a big part of my world, sometimes I forget how small she  really is. 

She's at this fun kind of stage where she's starting to get really good at communicating. I counted it up this morning and she says about 28 real people words. Of course, there are many other words she uses regularly, I just have a hard time interpreting fairy language. You know how it goes. My favorite is when she's talking to Watson and it goes something like "aba gabachibah Watsy ashtrstshtwa Watsy...." etc. It's the best. Or the other day when she somehow got ahold of someone's phone and I hear Siri's voice from the other room say "I couldn't locate gribalchiba on google maps, shall I do a google search?" I was laughing so hard. Siri, you have been duped. Little miss Bean Town is also adept at pointing to get what she wants and communicating her displeasure. She has very strong opinions about things. I love that little cuss.


  1. You are one really lucky mamma to have such a gorgeous little girl as your daughter! She always makes me smile.

  2. i agree with erika!!!! such a beaut!


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