Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Miss Eleanor Ruby

This past weekend Erin and I went galavanting off to la casa de McKell to help bring our Leeny into motherhood with a bang. I'm not sure how much "helping" was actually involved, but there was plenty of grocery runs in pj's, birthday celebrations, cooking in small kitchens, baby cheek mugging and staying up way past bedtime involved, so....I'd say it was sort of a huge success. If miss Eleanor Ruby's cheeks don't make your ovaries visibly jump for joy, I don't know what will. Thanks Caroline and Aaron for letting us stay with you, we're kind of weird but we really love you. 

Also, we're obsessed with your beautiful, red haired chubby cheeked baby. 

the end. 


  1. Just the most beautiful chubby cheeked red haired baby I've ever seen! Jealous of the time you guys got to spend with the other McKell clan :)

  2. Just found your blog through the "10 things I like" linkup - I'm excited to follow along now! You are adorable, and that baby? OMG. Cutest little gal EVER!!

  3. You are all glowing! Love all these pictures and I need to squeeze that little Eleanor Ruby! Such a dolly.

  4. I'm dying to know where you got that outfit! So in love with the pattern.


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