Friday, April 11, 2014

10 things

Inspired by one of our favorite books, here are ten things I know about you, Clara Rose.

1. Your favorite place to play is Watson's crate, or anywhere else you generally aren't supposed to be. 

2. You love chit chatting. Especially with your BFF Siri, whenever you can snipe a phone from any number of my top secret hiding places ;)

3. You love getting dirty. Oatmeal hair is your specialty.

4. You like getting clean too. Kind of. As long as it involves bubble baths and rubber duckies, and not wash clothes to the face, thank you very much. 

5. You love the wind in your face. Driving with the windows down sends you into fits and giggles.

6. Our back yard is your happy place. You could waddle out there for hours if is let you. Sometimes I do. 

7. You can be persuaded to give kisses, but only when it suits you.

8. You have learned to dance with your shoulders (the feet have been going for some time) and often get into a groove when I dance with you in the car. I'm glad you inherited that strain of goofiness. 

9. Your favorite tricksies are pulling down books from the bookshelf and throwing food off your high chair. I love you anyway. 

10. You bring me approximately 22 books to read every day. If I tell you to go get another (because I can't read Wheel on the Bus one more time) you often get up, book in hand, walk to the other end of the room, turn around and back into my lap again. Like I'll forget the book you still have in your hand. 

And ok, 11. You're the funniest, chubbiest, tastiest baby I've ever met. I'm so glad you're mine.

Happy Friday.


  1. Oh my goodness, that romper is so darling. And so is she!

    PS: Is the book that inspired this "Little Pookie"? Because that's what it reminded me

  2. Isn't the yard like the world's best babysitter? When I watch my nieces and nephews we play outside for hours!


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