Thursday, April 03, 2014


This post is schmaltzy. 
Let's be honest, this whole blog is kind of schmaltzy. If you're already reading you probably don't mind too much, but in case you're not into that kind of thing... turn away now! you've been warned. 

It's hard for me to articulate my feelings about this man that I get to spend my life with. Anything I attempt to write or say never seems to scratch the surface of the real feeling. So I guess I'll just have to settle with saying something I saw on a cheesy greeting card a couple weeks ago. naturally. But oddly enough, I saw it and it spoke to me so here it is. "I'd rather be doing nothing with him, than anything with anyone else." I'm so so glad he was born. He is my match. Half of my self that walks around with big strong hands and thick, curly blonde hair. Sometimes it scares me to recall all the things that could've gone wrong in the bringing of us together, but I'm so grateful God knew me well enough to put him in my path. I can't imagine a better companion or father for my children. I look forward to a lifetime of back rubs and movie dates and Sunday drives with him.

Happy Birthday Steve. Clara and I are so happy you were born.


  1. Too sweet! That's how I feel about my sweet husband!

  2. My sentiments about my husband exactly too. Happy Birthday!!!

  3. happy birthday steve!!!!!!! give my love to him and clara :)


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