Friday, April 18, 2014

A Day in the life. April 2014.

The day starts earlier than my alarm, but since it's accompanied by this cute bed head I don't mind too much.

It's date and whole milk oatmeal for breakfast, nothing else will do these days. Note the toe curl.

Mom sneaks to the living room for some lemon water and scripture study.

protests in the kitchen tell me it's time for hand washing...and usually some hair washing too.

next, Bean Town gets pretty for the day. She's gotten into the habit of sniping her binky and blanket out of the crib at this phase in the morning. I tell her she should've slept longer if she really wants them that bad, so we put them back in ;-) we're trying our best to quit that thing! The binky. I have no room to judge the blanket attachment since I didn't stop sleeping with mine until I got's still in the closet. awkward?

Now it's time for mom to get ready and make her bead. Jelly Bean reads books on the bottom step while I head into the bathroom. The bottom step really is just the best.

While I put on concealer Clara slips and falls, biting her lip and cutting it for the first time ever. I try my best not to show my inner mom freak out. We get a glass of water and wisk away the tears with a reading of Wheels on the Bus in momma's bed, followed by a rousing game of peek a boo. Emphasis on boo. That's how she likes it.

Concealer, not yet rubbed in.

^^fat lip :( ^^

mom finishes getting ready and heads to the kitchen to clean up the breakfast mess, Jelly Bean in tow. Pretty soon she winds up whining at my feet for the fruit snacks she found I don't know where. Classic 10 am. 

Now it's time for green smoothies. Juice of two oranges, mangoes, 1 banana, plain greek yogurt, 5 mint leaves and SPINACH. Clara hates the Vitamix. It totally throws off her groove. She gets over it quick.

Now we're off to run our errands. 

only to turn back 10 minutes in because the Roser is falling asleep in the car. 

Girlfriend only has a 10 minute threshold where she can be transferred to the crib and you do not want to be around a Clara who hasn't had a nap. diva diva diva. Love her.

nap time= sewing the last touches for Clara's Easter dress in my messy craft room. 

Clara wakes up excited to see Watson and ready to take daddy a late lunch at the office. 

We come home. I do yard work and pack for our weekend at the coast. We take a break to read a book, or ten. Before we know it, it's 5 o clock which means we go from crying to laughing to crying again seamlessly and we need food NOW or the world will surely end. #teethingproblems

spinach/arugula/basil pesto to the rescue!!! It's one of my sneaky green tricks. She loves it! Usually. 

and I get to vacuum while she dines. It really is kind of pathetic how excited I am about this new vacuum. The way it handles corgi hair blows my mind.

After pasta always comes a bath. Bubble blowing included. Obviously.

Then it's jammies and springy curls and daddy coming home to read the books and sing the lullabies. He's the best.

Then it's homemade pizza and Mean Girls. Let it be known that Steve was not easily convinced. However, that movie is timeless and it had been far too long.

Pizza Friday! Not really because it's Thursday, but it's a long weekend so we're counting it. 

and that my friends is a day in our life. Tantrums included.

Happy real Friday


  1. I love these posts! I have a 5 month old and need to start doing these every couple months! So fun to look back on- especially if you capture a day that isn't going so well LOL! Clara is adorable! I can't even handle her chub!

    Where do you get your basic white tee's??? I need new ones!

  2. This is so cool to read, Jess! Also, I totally slept with my blanket til we got married, and it is still in my dresser drawer. Ain't no shame, honey ;)


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