Tuesday, April 01, 2014

knee scrapes

This is kind of (more like totally) a ridiculous thing to commemorate on a blog, but Clara got her first knee scrape this past Sunday. Of many, I'm sure. 

Now every time I see those little scrapes I just envision a full-blown grown up girl, scraping her knees on the sidewalk, jumping off of the swings, smelling like sweat and playground sand. It makes me want to burrow into her little side rolls and hang on tight to her last bit of babyhood that is slowly but surely slipping away. If only this whole growing up thing were an April fools joke! 

Happy Tuesday.    


  1. Kill me! Those rolls and thighs!!! I think I'll unhinge my jaw and just swallow her whole. :)

  2. Oh my gosh! How could I not comment on this kind of cuteness!! She is just adorable. Those cute little baby rolls! I die. Makes me want to go snuggle my little girl. I'm totally going to right now. :) Thank you for sharing! Sorry for the scraped knees though!


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