Friday, April 04, 2014

Let the Festivities Begin.

The party continues tonight with babysitters and a night on the town for us! But for now I leave you with the technical birthday festivities, which included but were not limited to; homemade proscuitto+arugula pizza and classic bruschetta per his request, birthday present opening extravaganza, one quart of caramel cookie crunch Talenti (because I suck at cakes), poached eggs over ham for breakfast and a hand-painted card by yours truly. 

Happy Birthday Babe! 

Oh, and Happy Friday too :)


  1. How sweet! Jess I would love all those recipes! We are eating healthier now and everything you made looks so good! Xoxo Andrea Snow

  2. That card is seriously impressive!

  3. That card is amazing! I love it!


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