Tuesday, April 29, 2014

portraits of an almost 18 month old girl

When Clara was just a wee bebe I used to see 18 month old children as SO grown up. Worlds away from her. It's kind of been a surreal experience seeing her here now and feeling like she's still very much my baby. Although, I would be lying if I said I didn't miss that roly poly six month old REAL baby every now and again. If it's possible, Clara's personality just keeps getting bigger and bigger. She says new words all the time and loves to ham it up and make us laugh. That's another crazy thing, she knows how to be funny! Parenting! Ah! She also does a significant amount of fake crying which I have to constrain myself from laughing at. So obvious. Also, she loves her swaddling blankets. Like really loves them. I'm trying to decide if I should try and switch her over to her beautiful blankets her grandma and great grandma made her or just give in. She was obviously swaddled for eons. hashtag: can't stop won't stop. Other things on her obsession list are Flopsy the incredible cuddly stuffed rabbit, the binky- only for bed..., and Watson always and forever. I swear she didn't care about anyone else in the universe for a good twenty minutes when she first saw Watson after our Utah trip. The funny thing is he spends most of his day hiding under the couch from her, but she still tries to barrage him with kisses, hugs, and "nice pats" all the live long day. She's persistent, I'll give her that. Her hair just keeps getting curlier and thicker which results in the most delicious and epic bed head. Yummy.

We love our little ham bone of a bean town. 

^^the shoes and the headband almost always come off^^


  1. that ROMPER! AND THOSE SHOES! You make babies well, jess.


  3. Replies
    1. We swaddled her every day/night until she was at least 10 months...then off and on until she was around 13 months! She loved it- we're crazy!

  4. I just wish we could have foreseen these pictures years ago and gotten to be giddy excited for this darling little girl to be in your life. I mean, we knew it would be good... but THIS good!? I love her. She is perfect in every way.

  5. ^^Amen to what Susan said! Oh she is precious and so full of spunk. I love her.

  6. And I want her outfit please! Levi fake cries too. I love how he makes sure I'm looking out of the corner of his eye. Lol. These little kids. One has got to be my favorite age!


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