Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Summer Uniforms

and these are the things we've been reaching for in our closets this season. Luckily, summer starts in April here as opposed to the end of June, cough cough *Boston. Here's our summer uniforms of last year! If you think Clara has leg rolls now, get a load of that deliciousness.

This year we're opting for saltwaters instead of bare feet- out of necessity. Walkers, you know. We love any and all tank tops, the more sleeveless the better. Those arms are still super yummy. and we're still into bloomers. Those suckers are totally underrated. Although, I must admit, shorts find their way into the mix too. And rompers! We want all the rompers. We sing love songs about rompers! Anyway, moral of the story, Clara's summer uniform is really just saltwaters and anything and everything sleeveless. Thank you and goodnight.

 For mom it's birks birks birks. I find an excuse to wear these everywhere. They're beyond comfortable and so hippy chic. This is the third pair I've owned in my life and I never want to go back. and let's be honest, you guys were not at all surprised about the overalls. I thought about putting on something else since I've already taken like a million photos in my overalls for this blog already but...in the spirit of authenticity....I'm reaching for this socially acceptable grandpa-wear every time I step in my closet, I swear. I want to wear them all the time. Also, a tissue tee and some kind of updo. I've been feeling the braids but I never could turn down a good messy pony.

We've traded humidity for dry, Mediterranean esque heat and we're ready to take it by storm! we are no respecter of summers, we love them all! Bring on the sweaty faces and ice cream cones. Welcome to you, my sweet lady summer.

P.S. shout out to my sexy sista Brooke for taking these photos :)

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  1. Love your tee shirt!! Clara is such a little doll!!


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