Thursday, April 17, 2014

the ZOO

So yesterday Clara and I took our first zoo trip together. As in Clara took her first zoo trip, and we did it together. I've been before.

It was a quintessential parenting moment for me. Kind of like one of the baby steps getting you to Disneyland with your child. you know. She loved it! She called the tigers kitties and moo'd at everything that remotely resembled a cow. We had a blast. Feeding the giraffes was the best $2 I've ever spent! The look of terror on her face! She actually kind of liked it until the tongue came out. Then she was like "my horsies do NOT have tongues like that mom!". SO hilarious.  Luckily she had her friend Penelope to show her the ropes. Watching those two chubby munchkins chase goats in the petting zoo was worth admission alone. No fear, either of them!

Overall we were very impressed with our little cities' zoo. We will definitely be back!

Happy Thursday!

^^I spy a cute baby TIGER^^


  1. her hair is getting so curly!!!!!!

  2. How fun is this! I just took my niece to the zoo last weekend here in Orange County and she made monkey noises at anything resembling a monkey. Babies are so funny! Also, Clara's flower sunglasses are simply adorable!


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