Thursday, May 08, 2014

Home Tour: Living Room and Dining Area

Gosh dangit it's about time I took some home tour photos! If not for you, it's fun for us to look back on the 8 different homes we've made! Here's to hoping that number stays flat for a while eh? So here's our living room and dining area, which seem fit to post together seeing as they kind of mesh into each other while being very separate spaces somehow. I was too lazy to take my 50mm off and give you some real perspective so, sorry about that! We'll make do! I really love our living room despite the fact that I desperately need to replace those two purple dining chairs posing as arm chairs. Also our couch, but what do you do? We're looking to buy a home soon and I just can't bring myself to invest in updating said furniture without a more permanent room to match it to. So here we are, and I've convinced myself that I don't mind too much! The real stars are Edna the amazing fiddle leaf fig, the lemon tree outside the dining room windows- I love that little tree! Give me all the green! Oh, and my two most favorite Ebay finds which are our antique persian rug and the Brazilian cowhide. Btw hanging a cowhide is no joke. But what else does one do with such a large awkward mantle? You hang a cowhide, that's what you do. A bearskin was also contemplated, temporarily, for the record. Oh and how could we forget the Watson watercolor or the bookshelves a la Marcum! We've been so crafty! Anyway, here you have the places we dine and watch absurd amounts of Psych on netflix.

Good day to you.

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