Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

this Mother's Day I kind of had a cold, my hair was blonde and I matched my mother and my sister for the first time since the third grade. Steve made me poached eggs and spiced sweet potatoes for breakfast and it was so touching and delicious that I couldn't quite get myself to snap a photo of it. I love being Clara's mom. She challenges me and makes me a better person. She brings a joy in my life so deep that it is hard to articulate. She is such a beautiful little spirit, full of extraverted spunk and personality. Sometimes this introverted book worm of a momma has no idea where she came from but I'm so glad she mine. I stand in awe of all my mother has done for me. You never truly appreciate it until you've had your own kids, I've decided. And the mother of my husband- who truly raised a prince, I cannot begin to express my gratitude. All that said, this day (yesterday to be exact) always reminds me of the beauty of women in all walks of life. Mothers or not! 

happy happy Day

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