Friday, May 16, 2014

San Diego Weekending.

Last weekend my dear Ellen was coming to her homeland (southern CA to be exact) for her mother to throw her a baby shower and also to be on the Ellen show because she's a lucky duck. So Caroline and I decided to haul our babies and our northern californian booties down there to make a weekend out of it! We stayed in San Diego the first 1.5 days with the lovely and most fabulous Erin Whitt Collins and then rounded it out in Valencia on Saturday- giving us just enough time to make it home for Mother's Day! We were mostly saved by baby Eleanor's ability to be wooed to sleep by the car and Clara's enthusiasm for an albeit soundless (I have yet to figure out the DVD audio) Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron.

Thanks Southern Cal! You were a dream!

also, mostly all of these photos were taken by Caroline- she's a wizard. 


  1. Your hair looks beautiful in the sunlight!

  2. La Jolla! San Diego is my hometown and you have me swooning. Glad you had a blast. Also, it took me a minute to recognize that bombshell blonde!

  3. So so much fun. And the gorgeous pictures of the palm trees and the white building with pink flowers? That's all you, you wizard you :) Can't wait for the next get together!

  4. these photos aaaare gorgeous! as are those baby curls, ooh my gosh!

  5. Cutest girls! Wish I could have been there!! Miss and love y'all!!


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