Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Swimming lessons for 18 month olds and other silly things.

Her face upon entering the pool

Her face upon dunkage

Honestly, the whole ordeal was pretty funny. Clara appears... distraught in these photos. but she was honestly fake crying most of the time. Upset that being in the water was not on her terms, I think. I went back and forth on the whole swimming lesson schpeal for a while, but seeing as she insisted on running straight over to the deep end every time we were in the vicinity of a pool... I scared myself into it. I'm not fooling myself, I know lessons won't keep her from drowning....but you know she was holding her breath when she went under by the end of the lesson so that's something. Oh the things we do with these babies. I secretly loved the koala death grip she had on me the entire time though, can't lie about that! Good thing Grandma was there to record her face for posterity!

^^ the iron grip ^^

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