Wednesday, June 04, 2014

the splash pad.

because...can a mother really have too many photos of her daughter in a pink kitty bathing suit? The answer is no. We went to the splash pad with Clara's equally edible friend Penelope the other day and let me just tell you...we're hooked. We'll be parked there all summer, please and thank you. Thanks for showing us the ropes Janessa and P!


  1. We love the splash pad, too! It's been too rainy for it lately, but hopefully it'll clear up soon so we can get over there.

    PS: I just can't get over how cute Clara is! Those chubby little legs are adorable.

  2. Oh my! Those squishy baby thighs!!! Thank goodness for summer. They no longer have to be covered up. :)

  3. Swim cap AND those chubby legs?! She is just the best! Happy summer to the Marcum gals. XO


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