Wednesday, July 09, 2014

20 months

My heavens! I don't know of it has really hit me until I wrote the title for this post but this girl is almost T W O. Gah! When did that happen? I must document for posterity that what Clara loves most is; stuffed animals, babies, yogurt (gogurts), popcorn "cone", any and all forms of water, "hosies" (horses), Spirit Stallion of the Simmarron and Daniel Tiger (a recent development reserved for long car rides and mornings when mom is too sick to leave the couch!). She thinks every belly button is a baby like her mommy's, including her own, and will argue with you about it if you try to tell her otherwise. She carries her dolls and animals around everywhere and loves to "feed" them food and water, hug them and give them "nice pats". If you ask her where her baby is and she happens to have left it somewhere she freaks out and looks frantically until she finds it. She also loves to wear your watch, seriously, she'll always ask, and turn on any and all faucets (refer back to the water obsession). She says lots of words and has just started saying three word sentences which kind of blows my mind. Somehow I just always expected her to stay a baby? She is not a climber and prefers to pester you with "up up UP peas" until she gets where she needs to be. The "peas" is only sometimes included, we're working on it. hashtag: tyrant. Her hair is getting curlier by the second and the faint little dimple in her right cheek seems to be making more and more of an appearance. She loves to "hode" (hold) everything by herself and has learned to throw quite the tantrum when she doesn't get her way, independent little cuss that she is. Her uncle Jay calls these the "dying swan" and I think that describes them rather well, so we'll just leave it at that.  She loves to say "hi" "buh bye" and blow kisses to any and all strangers and/or animals we happen to pass. The side eye shy look is her favorite trick as of late. She still loves to cuddle and in fact spent the majority of the night of the Fourth of July sleeping on mine and Steve's chests because the neighbors were letting off mortar shell fireworks and she was terrified, poor thing. Our Clara girl gives out lots of kisses but only on her terms and under any circumstances cannot be coerced. She loves dancing to any and all music including the hymns in church. No really, she does that. She loves to boss Watson around and gets a special kick out of pointing her finger and yelling "Watsy NO! No Watsy". She is also one of those unicorn toddlers that relishes in wearing sunglasses and hats and frequently puts them on herself.

We love our independent minded, chatty little girl more than words can say. It seems like there was never a time without our little Clara Rose and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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