Tuesday, July 22, 2014

the terrible no good really bad day. but only kind of.

I had a really hard day yesterday. Pregnancy hard, you know. I had been feeling good for the past week or so, so I decided to try and wean myself off of my nausea pills. I hadn't been taking them during the day for a couple days and I seemed ok, then I didn't take my nightly dose on Sunday night. I woke up a few times in the night then woke up in the morning nauseous with a huge headache. I had a hard time keeping anything down and was mostly sequestered to the couch and the bed most of the day. It seems funny to say about a 20 month old, but Clara was such a comfort to me! I've had so many offers to watch her during this pregnancy which I've been so grateful for but honestly, barring changing her diaper and the occasional inconvenience of reaching into the dreaded fridge for her yogurt, having her around is so nice for me. She's so independent, making her own fun around the house, occasionally bringing me a book to read for her, or stopping just long enough to grab my hand and put in on her cheek or ask for my bare belly to give the baby a kiss. She is such a joy. I really mean that. Yesterday evening I finally got enough gumption to leave the house and walk to the mailbox with Clara (it's up the road at the entrance to our gated community, not you know, on our lawn) she held my hand and bent down every couple minutes to inspect a blade of grass or pick up a rock, eager to explore and take in the world around her. I could just watch her all day long. Rock hound that she is we ended up bringing home around four rocks and an armful of mail, leaving only fingers spared to hold on to each other as we trekked. It was such a perfect memory in the midst of a truly horrid day. I'm so excited for this new baby but sometimes I have to really pause and remember to savor these moments with just the two of us. I love this girl of mine.


  1. I'm sorry yesterday was yucky! Clara is such a blessing all the way around. I love her to the moon and back.

  2. What a beautiful memory! Definitely cherish your time with her. Although I'm so excited for super cute baby #2 to come! Especially if she/he gets Clara's chub!! Hope you get to feeling better soon. Love you.

  3. ok I'm in love with your little girl - she is the cutest thing!! Ahh those curls and her cute little cheeks are the best. Congrats on baby #2! I'm so happy I found your blog to follow along on your beautiful adventures.


  4. Precious precious. Great post. You put up lots of great words and pictures that lots of is love to see! :)


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