Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weekending and Forks Burgers and Things.

I didn't get around to blogging about the weekend yesterday because, well. Clara has this cold. Well, to be honest, I can't figure out if it's teething or a real cold but it seems to do nothing more than make her nose run like a faucet and warrant at least 3x the normal allotment of tantrums for the day. Ergo, we were not in the mood (either of us) for blogging yesterday. It really was quite a good weekend though! We had two dates! Two! Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Spoiled is what we are! Only one was properly photographed, natural light , you know. blogger problems. but it was the most significant anyway, so we're not too hung up about it! We doubled up with my sister and her hubby to go get our first Forks burgers since the good old Yosemite High School days! Any of my YHS alum friends out there will know the significance of my first Forks burger in 8 some odd years! Unfortunately, this pink lipstick stained bite was all my weird pregnant body could handle. TRAGEDY. but I did manage to enjoy the full basket of onion rings which were DELISH so I can't complain too much. It was worth the trip just to gab with Tay and Jay and admire the plethora of taxidermy hanging on the walls. I'm convinced the two deer on the far left are related. 
Other things of note for the weekend; we finally got to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel which I've been wanting to see forever and still managed to exceed my expectations, the sudden craving for fried rice that seized upon me Friday night and Watson learning to stand on two legs (such a sweet, special soul of a corgi that he is).

Happy Tuesday friends!

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  1. I've eaten there when visiting my sis-in-law, so I feel for you that you couldn't finish that Forks burger! Super delicious! Also, my hubby and I recently watched the Grand Budapest Hotel and completely loved it! Ralph Fiennes just killed me dead he was so good.


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