Wednesday, August 20, 2014

21.5 months

^^ This face. What the almost 2 YEAR OLD????^^

Despite my apprehensions about my Clara moving from babyhood into little girlhood she insists on looking huge in her crib! The nerve! So we must embrace it and document. This stage is really quite fun, despite the several times daily 2 minute tantrums. She has very strong opinions about things. 

at precisely 21 and 1/2 months Miss Clara Rose...

-loves any and all things girly. You name it, she's obsessed. Chapstick, lotion, bows (2 at a time if you please, the bigger the better), dolls? Gimme gimme gimme. In fact she became fixated on the lipstick I was wearing right before I took these photos and insisted on several kisses on the mouth. When I suggested she kiss me on the cheek she politely suggested I kiss her on the cheek instead. Needless to say, successful transfer of the lipstick, where does she come up with this stuff?

-continues to love books. There are stacks of Clara's board books all around the house by the end of the day. She loves running into her room and bringing me book after book to read to her. I think she's figuring out that that's the one thing I simply cannot say no to. Her favorites this week are; Brown Bear Brown Bear, Olivia, and Pride and Prejudice.

-loves her bath and throws a huge fit every time she has to get out. The only way to soften the blow is promises of copious amounts of lotion and bedtime stories.

-she understands almost everything and says a lot too! I swear she says new words every day. The other day I got her up from her nap, set her down between my legs and she looks up at me and goes "what's up mommy?". This girl!! I mean.

-loves picking "wowers". It's very sweet, and there's really nothing like your child bringing you a flower that she picked! Although, I really have to be on my guard everywhere we go, it can be rather embarrassing when you're, say, in a strangers' garden bed.

-enjoys eating oatmeal, blueberries, mac 'n cheese, omelets (but not scrambled eggs), pasta, bagels-or rather, the cream cheese off the bagels-, beans and rice, strawberries, bananas and YOGURT. Holy Hannah does this girl love yogurt. Any other foods (and believe me, she gets lots of other food) become a battle in which she is told she must eat at least some and that's all she'll be getting for dinner. please and thank you. I'm hoping this pays off eventually, right now it's mostly exhausting.

-sleeps A TON. I'd say her average sleep schedule is 14 hours nighttime sleep and 1.5 hours daytime sleep. But seriously she has days where she sleeps 15 hours at night and has a 3 hr nap. She is the unicorn of toddler sleepers! Don't ask me how I did it because I have no idea, and really I'm just trying not to screw it up. She went through a week about a month ago where she was protesting her naps (like crying in her crib for 1.5 hours) and waking up at 8 am. I panic text all of the mothers in my life for advise and thought I might have a mental breakdown- this shows you how spoiled I am. Luckily it only lasted a week! I have my suspicions that it was due to the one and only time we let her fall asleep on our chests in our bed the week before because we were at my parent's beach house for the 4th and our neighbors were letting off mortar shell fireworks and she was terrified. Smart little cuss. Love her anyway.

-continues in her obsession with "hoesies" and loves to make all of her stuffed animals take a ride on her plastic ones (horses that is). It's adorable. She has also, it seems, permanently associated my dad with all horses and thinks every horse she sees belongs to "Papa". Consequently all cowboy hats belong to him in her world as well.

-plays really well independently and loves nothing more than to be at home with her toys. This may have something to do with us becoming hermits the last several months due to the aforementioned pregnancy sickness... but I can't say I'm complaining! 

Our little Roser is such a ham and a joy to be around. She is still so deliciously squishy I can't help but mug her about a million times a day. We love our feisty strong-willed little lover even if she does hold her own in the tantrum throwing arena. Out of all the little girls in the world, I'd still pick you Clara Rose. 


  1. Oh my gosh, if only they could stay little and chunky forever! Honestly, she is beautiful!!
    xo TJ

  2. She seriously is drop dead cute! That smile and those eyes. The time between ages 1 and 2 is my absolute favorite. I promise that with baby #2 you will have learned to tune out the tantrums... mostly. Haha. Congratulations on halfway!

  3. That little cutie is looking so grown up these days! So glad she got over the no napping thing. That's a lifesaver! She's going to be such a fun big sister. Miss you guys!


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