Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Halfway There!

I am 20 weeks! 20 weeks! I can't believe it. I haven't been quite as diligent about the updates this time around so I thought we could do one for old time's sake! Also, in the spirit of full-disclosure I just spent 30 minutes of nap time reading the majority of my Clara pregnancy updates. Oh if only you could see the hormonal misty eyes going on around here! Anyway, so here we are halfway through! buckle up this is not an update for the faint of heart.

-I think I can confidently say that I have emerged triumphant at last into the land of the living. I have made dinner like five ish times without throwing up in the sink and I can now look at Pinterest without fear of the next recipe photo to scroll along the page. It's the little things you guys. My house is clean, I can open the pantry... you know. The first trimester (or for me the first full half of gestation) is not for the faint of heart! All this is to say I have been feeling 100x better the last week or so and couldn't be more relieved! I was starting to have irrational thoughts about never enjoying food and/or life again. Not that pregnancy makes me melodramatic or anything.

-I have been feeling this baby kick like no other!! Anytime I sit or lay down she starts the acrobatics. It's so fun! I can't tell if I'm just more confident in the feeling of them this time around or what but it seems this baby has moved a ton more and a ton earlier than her big sister. Her favorite pastime seems to be kicking the waistband of my jeans when I sit down, apparently it totally cramps her style. We've got another feisty one cooking!

-I'm loving omelets, benedicts and really any form of egg this pregnancy. No sweets, savory breakfast food all day everyday!

-I'm already feeling the nesting urges kicking in, made even worse by the gender reveal on Friday! Unfortunately, I'm kind of in limbo about whether to succumb or not! We're in the market to buy a home but are by no means certain we will be in one before this wee babe arrives! Do I nest here? Do I wait to know for sure we'll be somewhere else? Will I ever know for sure? Should I start prepping Clara for a big girl bed? Ah! First world nesting problems. It's completely embarrassing the amount of stress this causes me on a daily basis.    

-I've started to get heartburn in the evenings again just like I did with Clara! It's funny how similar these pregnancies seem to be so far. Any tips on how to get rid of it? I just grinned and bore it with the help of cold milk with Clara but we've taken to only drinking almond milk since those days and I'm afraid Talenti every night might bring on the stretch marks I happened to evade the first time around! It's totally uncomfortable but I'm more than happy to trade it for the nausea... so I can't complain too much! (or can I ;)

Despite the complaining I really am grateful to be incubating another life! This whole pregnancy/motherhood experience is such a trip and just a blink of a phase in life. I can't wait to bring baby girl #2 into our family! Something about having two kids just makes me feel so much closer to soccer mom status! I fully embrace this.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Most beautiful pregnant mama! I am so happy you are feeling better!!! Cheers to the half way mark!

  2. beautiful! glad you're feeling better :) i'm 31 weeks right now with Ella's baby brother, and we decided to get a second crib instead of booting her out of her crib (she will be 24 months when the baby is born). since she is finally sleeping well in her crib we didn't see any reason to mess with her sleep while ALSO throwing off whole world with a new baby at home :) plus, then i don't have to worry about her getting out in the middle of the night when i'm sleep deprived and up with a newborn for a few months! she may transition really easily and you could avoid a second crib, but if she loves her crib, i say get another one for baby! or use a bassinet and wait it out to see if she is ready when the new baby is ready to move from bassinet into crib! :) good luck! xo

  3. Glad you're feeling better! I ate a lot of tums my entire second pregnancy to help with heartburn and sleeping on my left side which is supposed to alleviate heartburn. Best wishes!

  4. Try papaya (found in the vitamins section at whole foods) for heartburn. It saved my day when tums stopped working for me.

    Your belly is adorable! Congrats!


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