Tuesday, August 12, 2014

mamma bear

I couldn't help snapping these photos yesterday. Swaddling her bear? rocking him to sleep? WHILE in her "Big Sister" baseball tee? This blogging mother couldn't very well help herself. 

Clara is really into wrapping her stuffed animals and dolls in swaddling blankets lately. Which first of all, how does she even know to do that? She can't possibly remember me doing it to her! Such a little mama bear. She usually wraps them herself but yesterday I happened to be in her room and our conversation conversation went as follows:

"Mama wrap Brookie?" 
(Her aunt Brooke gave her the bear- hence its name)

she hands me the swaddling blanket and bear


hands me another blanket


hands me another blanket

"Brookie cold"

"Binkie, Brookie to bed. Mama's bed!"

She proceeds to walk in to my room shshshing and patting the bear on its back and eventually placing it on my bed. I couldn't help giving her the binkies for the bear even though they're only allowed in the bed these days. The cuteness! 

I can't wait to see her with our new little bean come January! This scene just about burst my pregnant hormonal mama heart. 


  1. oh my gosh. so sad that i have to miss this!

  2. ahhh she is gonna be such a good big sister!! and i love the little conversations, they are just the best!


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