Thursday, September 25, 2014

25 weeks

I'm officially 25 weeks pregnant which, according to my pregnancy app means that our little peanut is the size of a Napa cabbage and my uterus is the size of a soccer ball. So, that's something! Also baby can be officially considered "viable outside the womb" which I really hope we don't have to test out but put me more at ease than I thought it could this time around- veteran mom that I am ;) I think I've probably been fed a healthy amount of pregnancy/early labor horror stories during this pregnancy. You know how that goes.

 I'm officially at the point where getting out of bed and picking things up from under the dinner table are formidable tasks {read: "uterus the size of a soccer ball"}. The heartburn has also come on strong but I have finally conceded to Tums and I must say they're working pretty well! I was too scared to take them last time around but my doctor chided me saying that it will in no way effect baby and denying myself will only make me uncomfortable. So here we are! Chocolate and really any dessert for whatever reason are my biggest heartburn offenders, so I KNEW I'd have to do something about that! It's pumpkin pie season folks! I was also kind of scared that they would taste totally gross but these are actually refreshing and quite tolerable. Tums for the win! I've also been craving indian food and sushi like nobody's business. I can't have sushi so it's butter chicken and garlic naan as much as possible. This also tends to give me heartburn. Why does my body hate me? Also, salads! I basically hated lettuce the entire first half of this pregnancy so this is sort of a relief. Give me all the arugula and spinach. please and thank you.

As long as I can actually fall asleep, I've been sleeping quite well! I usually only have to run to the bathroom once a night which is pretty normal for even pre pregnancy me so I'm soaking it up as much as I can. I remember all too well the sleepless nights leading up to labor! baby practice! The only dicey part of my sleeping routine is actually falling brain refuses to shut off! No matter how tired I am my mind insists on going over the to do list for the next day and what I need for the baby and the hypothetical nursery I have yet to begin. It's a struggle. I was this way last pregnancy too, crazy nesting anxiety hormones.

I finally gave in and bought these maternity jeans (on sale right now!!) and I'm so glad I did! Last time I just rubber banded and I have been this time too but... there is a reason why they make maternity jeans and I have succumbed. They're so comfortable! They came on Tuesday and I've been living in them ever since. Don't judge me.

Overall I'm really enjoying this phase of pregnancy! It's already gone by sooo fast and with the holidays coming up I know we'll blink and the baby will be here! We're still kicking around name ideas. We had a favorite we'd been on the fence on for pretty much the whole pregnancy but a couple nights ago Steve came up with the CUTEST option so far. I'm really excited about it but we'll have to let it resonate for a bit before we decide for sure! I love naming babies, there's something so significant and magical about it. 

Happy Thursday, over and out!


  1. I've found it works best when you let out a huge grunt when you have to bend down. Like, a sumo wrestler status type of grunt. I'm convinced it actually does make it easier to retrieve items from the floor.

  2. I've got to know where you got those shoes! Same with the leopard print platforms shesh! They're amazing.

    1. These are from Nordstrom Rack (a few months ago) and I'm obsessed with them! They're one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes in my closet! The leopard platforms are old from Target!

    2. Ahh what brand are the Nordstrom Rack pair? I feel like I need them in my life. Thank you!


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