Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Clara's Nursery Photos

So speaking of big girl beds and such....I remembered that I haven't documented Clara's nursery in this house yet! For shame! What kind of blogger am I? I've loved putting together both of Clara's nurseries. There's something so magical about a child's space. I'm partial to packing in all of the whimsy and books and color that I possibly can- for dreams and imaginations and mischiefs and all the good things in childhood, you know. Truth be told Clara's room was in a bit of limbo for a long time,  mostly with the wall area above her crib. I painted a huge canvas for it that I ended up giving to my sister (because it was awesome but didn't fit into the space like I thought it would). Also we're currently trying to buy a home and I had a hard time mentally wanting to put a ton of effort into finishing off something that had an uncertain future. Plus, morning sickness. Enter $20 gold deer head I found at Home Goods, which may have a future life in Christmas decor but for now suits the nursery just fine. I think my favorite part of the nursery though, or at least the smartest decision I made for it are the two huge wicker baskets for toys! I bought them on a buy 1 get 1 half off sale at World Market when we first moved here and they make cleaning up after a toddler about 100x easier- just throw all the toys in! Genius! Anyway, I think in our short six months here I already have about 1000 priceless memories in this room, it needed to be documented. The babies rooms are always the funnest in the house.


  1. Her room is such a happy place! Clara will definitely grow up to be an imaginative, creative girl. And you have a talent with mixing colors and patterns that gives it the right amount of whimsy and sophistication. Love it all!

  2. aw it looks like such cozy and precious room!! i bet she just loves loves her room! i think that is the best feeling to see your baby enjoy the room you've created for them! :)


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