Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Feelings

I'm getting that angsty fall feeling, you know, dark nights and chunky cable knit, wet pavement and that musty leafy smell. To be honest I'm surprised it hasn't come sooner, seeing as I've spent the better part of the past ten years living in places that have no scruples about first flutterings of snow in October. But here I am in sunny California, still at 90 degrees! I was a little nervous anticipating this season. Worried that this weather would be depressing, and make me maybe a little jealous of all the fall colors popping up around the web... Don't get me wrong, I would kill for some moody skies and orange leaves out my window right now, but I'm kind of ok with just dusting off my HP collection (I crave reading them every fall- is it weird to crave a book? Wait...don't answer that.) and baking some apples tonight- 90 degrees or not! Steve and I totally ate an entire pumpkin pie from Costco this weekend (yes, that really happened) and it kicked my fall taste buds into gear. I'm thinking maybe I need to host a fall feast of some kind and just lock myself in my kitchen for two days baking turkey and pies. Get it out of my system, you know. I've decided that, like any season, fall is really mostly about the tastes (if you're me anyway) and I'm going to take full advantage of them this year! I don't care if it's 90 degrees until December (wait, please no! I really do kind of care). So here's my list of things to make this fall season. 

-tomato soup
-pumpkin pie...from a pumpkin. Our favorite!
-maple glazed turkey
-turkey apple cranberry paninis
-baked apples....TONIGHT (say that in your best Colbert voice)
-butternut squash pie
-scratch that, butternut squash EVERYTHING
-apple crisp
-roasted chicken and lyonnaise potatoes
-give me all the root vegetables
-beet + goat cheese paninis
-molasses cookies 
(I would not have a problem with these coming from your kitchen mom, to be clear.)

etc etc etc

If I get any of said things made before the sun goes down I'll keep myself accountable and post them!

Happy fall lusting friends!

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  1. I am craving Fall hard! Your food to do list sounds AMAZING!!!! Apple crisp is one of my all time favorite desserts and don't get me started on the butternut squash. I would LOVE to join you in the kitchen if you ever need company :)


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