Friday, September 12, 2014

Highlights of the Week and a 23 Week Bump

Happy Weekend! It's pizza Friday tonight, we have friends coming to stay AND we're seeing a house we could be potentially interested in tomorrow. I'm feeling some good vibes!

Highlights from this week include but aren't limited to:

-making dinner EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. Ah! I'm back in the kitchen and it feels so good. This is the sure sign that I'm starting to feel like me again. P.S. I made this from Erin's blog last night and it blew my mind. Blew my mind. Make it and I swear to you you'll want to drink the sauce from a glass.

-seeing Janessa's sweet Lucy! I loooove newborns. I can't wait to have one in the house again. The smell! The cuddles! Melt me. 

-Clara insisting on wearing my old vintage paten leather shoes that are about two sizes too big for her. I just have to choose my battles sometimes but watching her tap around the house in them was hilarious! 

-My Grandma promising to teach me how to quilt. I'm going to attempt to make one for baby #2- I can't wait!

-The big "squeeze" and full on 15 second face grabbing kiss Clara gave me at lunch today. Even though, full disclosure, she probably only did it because her daddy asked her to give him a squeeze and she was feeling ornery. I'll take it.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Such a sass. SUCH a sass. Also, why do we never do dinner together?! We need to make that happen.

    1. I was thinking the same thing the other day! I used to cook for you all the time!!!

  2. i cannot believe how big clara is getting and how beautiful she is!! and you are looking great, lady!! love love the bump!!


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