Friday, September 19, 2014

Recently Enjoyed Things

Happy Friday Friends!! I've been sick pretty much all week. bleh. Colds should NOT be allowed while pregnant. Anyway I did enjoy some things this week through the fog of my sinuses and they included

-over easy eggs on sourdough wheat toast with arugula. I ate this literally every morning. I have LOVED eggs this pregnancy and this has been my form of choice lately. 

-This weird fishtail hybrid braid. Every day, for real. I love me a fish tail but they fall out so easily! This solved all my braiding woes! I'm a genius, I know ;)

-The little toddler I live with who refuses to take off her "cow boots" that nana got her. 

-The fabric I got for baby #2's quilt. I was supposed to start making it with my Grandma this week but...cold. yuck. The good news is I had already had it out so it's just been looking pretty on my counter every since.

-The pumpkin on my entry table. It's 95 degrees outside but it's September so...the pumpkins come out! Who cares if the weather wont comply!

Have a very merry happy weekend folks!


  1. That egg dish looks great! You should try frying the arugula, it is amazing!

  2. I agree it shouldn't be legal to get a cold - or any sickness - when you're pregnant!! Not fair. Especially in the summer too. Hope it passes quickly. Love that quilt fabric! Can't wait to see how it turns out.


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