Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Clara has "THE CROUP" I am saying that in my most desperate, concerned voice. We've been remarkably lucky that she really hasn't gotten sick in her {almost} two years with us. Born in flu season no less! But the inevitable has happened and she's got a low fever and the most heart wrenching little cough. Not to be dramatic or anything but I literally feel the pain every time she coughs. She looks up at me and tells me her tummy hurts with that hoarse, crackly little voice and my heart just breaks a little. It's so so sad! We are watching The Aristocats and eating everything and anything she'll ask for, read: mac and cheese and yogurt on repeat, because I just can't deny her anything right now. I'm such a baby! She's been really clingy to me which is tough but also so gratifying, if I'm being totally honest. She feels yucky and she needs what feels safe and comfortable and that's me and will be me her whole life (I hope! I remember craving just curling up in my mom's lap and get a back scratch when I was homesick in college! ha!). Feeling her weight against my chest and her warm chubby fingers reaching out for my hand is the best. The worst and the best, if you catch my meaning. Wish us luck and a speedy recovery!


  1. Just read this after talking to you. Get better Clara!!

  2. We just survived our own case of the yuckies. Totally feel ya on that being needed bit. It really is the best. Get well soon, Clara!


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