Friday, September 05, 2014

The Thing About Toddlers

This whole toddler thing is exhausting and frustrating and tantrumy and hilarious and sweet all wrapped up into one heck of a package. Some days I swear my platinum hair is going grey from all the craziness and I'm watching the clock willing bedtime to come sooner... and then there's the nights where she sits on my lap and folds her chubby arms and bows her head to say our prayer together and  I forget the rest of the day and just want to hold her and burrow my nose into the small of her neck never to relinquish her to the crib. I used to dread this phase but the thing about toddlers is they somehow manage to outweigh the grocery store spectacles with the sweetest little voices and dancing when they really like their dinner and soft hands on your tired pregnant face and it must be just tailor fitted to make their moms love them about 10x more because it probably shouldn't add up but it more than does. Gosh I just love being a mom.


  1. Geez, you just articulated that perfectly. I love my toddler to pieces!

  2. So well said! It's SO hard in the moments when your patience is tested to the max and you just want to go crawl in a hole. But you're totally right - somehow the sweet moments make it worth it. And to see their little personalities form and watch them learn and grow and experience the world is just amazing. You're such a sweet mom!! I want to be like you :)


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