Monday, October 13, 2014

23 months

This officially marks the last month I can acceptably refer to Clara's age in terms of "months". She is going to be TWO in a few short weeks and I'm getting strangely weird and emotional about it. Not that getting weird and emotional is a strange thing for me to do... but what with all the talking and tantrums and imaginations going on with this girl I've felt like she's been two pretty much this whole summer long! So you know, I probably shouldn't be freaked out that she's about to be officially the age I've already accepted her as. Hashtag: mommy emotions. So here goes the last update until "2" rolls around. I'll try to keep it together.

-This girl has an imagination! She is a really good "independent player" (is that a thing?) and as long as she's not sick or hungry or tired she'll play by herself throughout the house for an hour/half an hour at a time! Such a dream. I'm constantly finding little toys that she's set up in random places during her play time. It makes my heart happy. 

-She loves her "shows". I let her watch one 20 minute show on Netflix in the mornings and right now Daniel Tiger and My Little Pony are the faves! A girl after my own heart. "Watch a Pony peas!!!"

-She is such a little nurturer. She loves her dolls and can't get enough of babies. Seriously, any time there's a baby around that's all that holds her attention! She's especially fond of doing our bedtime routine + swaddling (how does she remember that??) with her dolls and stuffed animals. It's the definition of precious.

-Her favorite books right now are probably Olivia, Little Pookie, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Little Blue Truck (but only when Daddy reads it, ha!).

-Her favorite game is "hiding" and wants to hide with or from (she's not particular) anyone she loves. It's hilarious. Hiding with Daddy from Watson is probably her most favorite thing to do. She talks about it all day long!

-She loves getting her little fingers on a piano or a guitar. Her Daddy plays and she loves to help or just listen to him. We need a piano stat!

-She still loves to dance and busts a move when she's eating, listening to Frozen in the car, or when she feels like being goofy. I love it. The best is when she closes her eyes and rolls her head around like she's really feeling the soul in the whole situation. She kills me.

-She's obsessed with flowers. They cure all ills.

-She loves anything and everything to do with "kitties" which is weird to me since we don't have one nor has she been around them a ton, but there you have it. Whenever we go to Grandma great's house she lives to play with Mr. Cat. She's surprisingly gentle and I think something like this may have to be in our near future. I mean, I'm not a cat person but something that looks like that I don't think I could resist! I'm all about appearances, you know ;)

We love this girl with all her spice and personality... even if she has perfected the dying swan tantrum technique. Learning to be parents with her has been one of the best life experiences to date for Steve and I. We look at each other often and say "don't you just love being parents?!?". We love you Clara Rose Marcum you almost-two-year-old you.

^^^that is most definitely ketchup on her cheek from in-n-out earlier that day^^^


  1. Oh, my! Those to die for cute looks!!! We have them at our house too and I cannot resist. I felt the same way about Levi all summer... wearing 2T clothing, talking, tantruming just like a two year old... I thought he was two already! Clara, you're rocking it.

  2. oh my goodness, she is deliciously cute!!!! they grow so fast!!!! two, for us, has been THE best age ever. i mean the fun just keeeeeeps on coming! but it is crazy how now people are like "how old is she?" and i'm like "...two!" and my husband keeps saying two and a half and she is so not two and a half yet hahaa! but yep, the months go right out the window. but it is seriously the most fun age on this planet!


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