Monday, October 20, 2014


This weekend we skipped town and hopped over to the beach! Best. Decision. Ever. It was so relaxing! Steve needed to get a long workout in before his Santa Cruz tri- ocean swimming! Yummy. Clara and I slept in and played on the beach with Watson while he got all fit and stuff, then we scooted up to Los Gatos and bought ourselves a new sofa!!! Ah!! I was even more excited about this than the Anthro sweater I picked up, which is a true sign of adulthood if you ask me ;) Which brings me to a sort of announcement....we're moving!! Just down the street, but moving nonetheless. We bought our very first home and we couldn't be more excited to really dig in our roots and plant a garden to keep! AH! Just in the knick of time for baby too! 
But back to the weekend- socks with Birks happened, the best bacon blue chicken burger I've had in years was consumed and also there was some cuddling on the porch to watch lights twinkle across the bay. What is just so dang romantic about the ocean at night? Thanks Mom and Dad for the use of your gorgeous house!

Happy Monday!


  1. Your hens and chicks are stunning! I wish they could grow like that here- so pretty.

  2. You look great, mama! And I agree, watching that ocean as the sun sets and the lights twinkle is dreamy. Good luck on your move. That's exciting news!


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