Monday, October 06, 2014

My Silverman

So this weekend Steve and I dropped Clara off with her dear sweet Grandparents and headed to Vegas for Steve's "Silverman" 1/2 ironman race! Disclaimer: it was SO hard for me to say goodbye to Clara for the weekend. Like, I think I went out the door and came back to say goodbye and get another squeeze no less than three times. I never thought I'd have a hard time with stuff like this but something about traveling so far away from her had me twisted up in all sorts of overreactive anxiety! Luckily once we were on our way I was good but sheesh, I'm such a baby.
 Back to the weekend, despite me battling yet ANOTHER cold, it was great! I got some good, baby interruption-free reading time, caught as much as we could of Conference, and discovered that Vegas, or more accurately Henderson had a surprising amount of good restaurant fair! Cafe Rio, Einstein and pretty much all our favorite Utah spots were there. Not to mention Grimaldis! Like, Brooklyn Grimaldis. We gorged ourselves a few times to say the least. The race went well for Steve even though the heat kind of threw his nutrition game for a loop. Not enough salt! We somehow made it back this morning at 2:00am  with a tired uncomfortable pregnant lady and a nauseous sore triathlete. Asking ourselves a few times why we put our bodies through the things we do? Ha! And now Steve's been at work for approximately 5 1/2 hours and I'm going through withdrawals because... why can't we just spend all day EVERY day together? Retirement is going to be a partay! Anyway, great weekend despite the little struggles, I love my sexy triathlete husband. Jess out.

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