Thursday, November 06, 2014

2 years old!!

Two years ago at 5:32am on a cold, black, Boston morning my favorite little girl made her entrance into this world. Chunky and pink and perfect with a full head of jet black hair. I can't believe it's been two years! But then again, a part of me feels like it's been an eternity because... hasn't she always belonged to me? 
My girl loves books, cats, "hoesies", Watson, hide and seek, coloring, "flying" in the bath tub, playing with her Daddy and mac n cheese especially. She has an independent spirit with no insubstantial amount of willpower. She throws an impressive tantrum but always remembers to kiss and make up (i'd be lying if I said this habit of hers doesn't totally butter me up). She knows how to say her prayers- with prompting of course- and relishes in the "amen!", mostly. She loves her extended family and often talks about them when we're in the car, grouping them accordingly. Pets included, of course. ("And Pete, in Boston!" "Gampa and Gamma and Cair and Audgy and Max!" "Bumpy road to Gama gate's! And ginger and kitty and Gampa gate!" "Nana and Papa and Bookie and Tay and Jay!" Feed buckin hoesies with nana? In the big truck! Stawbby Jam?") 
These days an explanation of why we aren't trick or treating every time we leave the house is required. And also a limit as to how many flowers can be picked in the front yard on our way to and from the car. Most of the time she completely wears my tired pregnant body out but I just feel so blessed to spend my days with her. She's a kick in the pants, that independent little cuss and I wouldn't change a hair on her curly little head. Happy two years Clara Rose. You can't imagine how happy we are you came to us!

and luckily those cheeks have stayed buttery soft and completely irresistible. They still get about 1000 kisses a day.


  1. That outfit. I'm dying! Happy 2nd birthday! You're right, haven't our children always belonged to us? I've only been a mother four years, but it feels like I've always been a mommy.

  2. oh my gosh, her little curls!! she is so so precious!! happy 2nd birthday, pretty little thing!!!

  3. seriously. how perfectly adorable is she?!?! happy birthday little miss! xo


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