Tuesday, November 18, 2014

33 weeks large

at 33 weeks this pregnancy looks like...

Ham and cheese croissants, all the time. Not melted, nothing added. Please and thank you.

Weeping at any and all birth stories/videos I stumble upon on the internet. 

Anxiety about getting this house all painted and hung and outfitted before little miss gets here. 

Back aches every night. I seem to remember less back pain with Clara, maybe it's because I'm an old lady now? More likely because I'm wrangling a 28 lb toddler every day, I think.

Tums. Lots and lots of heartburn and tums.

Jabs and hiccoughs! A few weeks ago I was laying in bed and this baby was doing her normal 10:00pm gymnastics routine when all the sudden she stopped moving and I felt them. that rhythmic, tic...tic...tic. At first I was a little confused and then it clicked- hiccoughs! Feeling those just makes her arrival seem that much more real.

Leggings. All I want to wear are leggings. It's officially too cold for stretchy dresses (except to church...pictured below) and although my maternity jeans and boyfriend 7's still fit...I look in my closet and all I reach for are the leggings. 

Bare belly kisses from Clara almost hourly if propriety permits. (It must be on the bare belly or it's not the baby somehow)

For some reason I'm having a hard time grasping the reality of this pregnancy! Maybe it's because last time around I had so much time to read and sit and mentally prepare for a baby but this time around the whole thing seems so much more surreal. It's still exciting, but more surreal. I don't know how to explain it. 
I'd also be amiss if I didn't mention that crazy anxiety I've been getting about going into pre-term labor without having everything ready! Without a carseat (Clara's carrier broke on the pod trip out here) or a Christmas tree! The horror! I'm talking some variation of this nightmare almost every night. We're waiting to get some of our needed baby gear until cyber monday rolls around which is great but is also playing a number on my nerves. It just seems like the holidays are such a whirlwind and then...BABY! We also have quite a bit left to do with the house before this neurotic preggers can feel totally "settled" which means a lot of work for my strapping, day job holding husband considering I'm so huge and useless. January 7th seems awfully close, which would be fabulous if I felt prepared! Ah! Wish me luck in the mad race toward the finish!


  1. I am secretly hoping for slightly early labor- but don't hate me. Not TOO early, just a little.


  2. I remember all of those same emotions. Somehow it will all get done and you will have everything you need for sweet baby girl. Soak up your moments with Clara..... as much as I wouldn't trade having my two girls, I miss that one on one time so much! You look GORGEOUS by the way!!!

  3. You're adorable! Loving the hair too. TOTALLY know how you feel. I was the exact same way - uncomfortable and ready to have the baby but at the same time stressing that I wouldn't be able to get everything done in time. Hang in there! Can't wait to see your cute little girl. It's hard to believe it's so close!

  4. You make pregnancy look glamorous! You'll get everything done. You'll see. And if you don't, well life will move right along with a cute baby girl rockin' in your arms.


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